Alphatox Slimming Tea 7 Day Premium Cycle Best Weight Loss Tea For Appetite, Cravings, Natural & Organic, Fast Belly Fat Weight Loss, + Tone


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Alphatox™ 7 Day Slimming Tea Bag(Cheaper Than Website Prices @

Alphatox Slimming Tea Main Benefits:
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✔️Burns Bad Fats & Boost Metabolism Naturally
✔️Premium Ingredients Only
✔️Flatten Stomach Area / Reduce Bloating Significantly / Detoxify
✔️Lose Weight Naturally & Quickly
✔️Full of Antioxidants, Super Fruits, & Premium Herbs
✔️Immune System Support With Antioxidant Boost
✔️Improve REM Sleep
✔️Support Your Liver In Removing Toxins That Are Stored In Bad Fats
✔️Slimming Tea For Women & Slimming Tea For Men, Blends Equally Effective For Both Genders

☑️ Enjoy Alphatox Premium Slimming Tea before bed time for best results prior to 8P.M. with or after dinner.

✅ The benefits remain the same for the most part if you prefer to drink the blends at any time you choose however here is a guide for best results, you can also simply follow the instructions on the bag or visit the Alphatox FAQ section at

☑️ If you are using more than one of our blends, we recommend you enjoy no more than 3 blends in a day. All blends are crafted to have a special synergy, so you may mix and match as you please. Our best mix and match combos are already setup for you in our bundles.

✅The Slimming Blend at night, Detox Blend in the morning, Energy Tea At Noon, Skin Beauty/Hair Blend In The Afternoon 2 hours after lunch/2 hours before dinner, Iaso Anti Aging Immunity Tea anytime of the day, and Slimming Coffee in the morning/noon/ or afternoon.

✨ Slimming Tea Best Results Tips & Tricks ✨
🔹 Retain Your Average Daily Caloric Intake, If You Currently Consume 2,000 Calories A Day On Average, Maintain That Amount, Increasing Caloric Intake Can Reduce E add honey not sugar if needed, however the natural super fruits and herbal ingredients give it an amazing taste. You may request that we add stevia if you'd like to your blend, a non-artificial natural sweetener.

Premium Slimming Tea Ingredients :
Senna Leaf • Lotus Leaf • Chamomile • Pu'erh Leaf • Sencha Green Tea • Lemon Grass • Garcinia Cambogia Extract • Rhubarb Root • Fennel • Marsh Mallow Leaf • Holy Thistle Leaf • Malva leaf

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Well I do love tea, and I've been having a hard time with losing weight so I hope this helps. (7/13/2020) Currently trying my first cup of the 7 day yes, and it's good.

Tastes amazing!

Cant wait to see the results. Tastes great

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